Get our favourite streaming webcam, mic, and more in Elgato’s Black Friday deals

As far as peripherals are concerned, Elgato covers a lot of ground, but the brand is probably best known for streamer gear. If you’re after a streamer foot pedal (opens in new tab) or green screen mousepad (opens in new tab) from a well-known PC gaming brand, then it’s likely you’re looking at Elgato. Of course, being a brand name means their coolest kit doesn’t tend to go for cheap, unless you wait for Black Friday sales like this one.

A surprising amount of Elgato kit is on sale through the brand’s Amazon store (opens in new tab) for Black Friday. Not only is the excellent Elgato HD60 X External Capture Card (opens in new tab) up for grabs, but there are sweet deals for webcams, mics, and Stream Deck controllers. Aussies can look forward to a few extra Elgato deals on the AU Amazon store which we’ll cover below.

Our favourite webcam (opens in new tab) tops the list: the Elgato Facecam. (opens in new tab) We dubbed this the best cam you can get for streaming thanks to the uncompressed 1080p 60 fps video it spits out. The Elgato Facecam is one of the best cams you can get without moving up to a pricy DLSR solution and has excellent hub software to go with it. Usually it retails for around $170, but right now it’s down to $140 USD (opens in new tab). On the Australian store it’s $189 (opens in new tab), which is 27% off its usual $259 price tag.

The Elgato Wave:3 (opens in new tab) is one of our favourite mics (opens in new tab) if you want an excellent allrounder for streaming and gaming. I use one of these to record podcasts and get excellent sound quality, though sometimes it needs a little help from Nvidia’s RTX sound thanks to all my ambient noise. It’s a great cardioid mic that gets even better when you know it’s nearly 30% off. The Elgato Wave: 3 is down from $150 to $110 USD (opens in new tab). Those of us in Australia can grab it for $167 (opens in new tab), down from its marked price of $239. An easy recommendation to make for gamers and streamers alike.

Those looking for a little more control in their life can grab one of the Elgato Stream Deck MK.2 studio controllers in either black (opens in new tab) or white (opens in new tab). We’ve recently seen the new Stream Deck + (opens in new tab), which features tactile knobs and a touch screen, which this model doesn’t offer. If that matters to you it may be worth holding out, but others can grab it for 20% off right now, bringing the price down from $150 USD to $120 (opens in new tab). That’s down from $239 AUD to $169 (opens in new tab) saving 29% for those of us down under.

Now that we’ve finished dishing out deals to the yanks we can cover some exclusive AU bargains, like both the low- and high-profile versions of the Elgato Wave Mic Arm. A mic arm can really help save room on your desk and make your setup a bit more flexible, and Elgato’s are pretty good and use standard connections. I have one myself and the difference an arm over a standard desk mic can make is huge. Just make sure the sizes will definitely fit the mic you’re going for before you make the big discounted purchase. These are down from $149 AUD to $119 (opens in new tab) saving you $30 dollarydoos.

The Elgato Green Screen is also on sale, though it still feels like a very pricy piece of kit at $189 AUD (opens in new tab), it is down from $259. This retractable green screen looks super useful for streamers, but you can get the same effect with some green cloth. Still, the ease of setup, wrinkle-free promise, and ability to keep it nice and tidy are pretty huge selling points, and it’s a little less expensive than usual.

Last is the Elgato Key Light Air, which is another one of those products that’s a little harder on your wallet. You can get fairly capable light diffusing solutions much cheaper, but they probably won’t look as nice or be as easy to use. These are bafflingly expensive at full price, going for $219 AUD, so with a $59 discount bringing it to $160 (opens in new tab), now is definitely the time.

If you’re on the hunt for more Black Friday deals from all sorts of brands make sure to check out our excellent collection of savings. Whether you’re after other mic and streaming deals or anything related to PC gaming, we’ve got you covered.

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