If I had $250 this Black Friday, I’d spend it on this mouse, keyboard, headset, mic, controller and SSD

While the rest of PC Gamer is off working hard in the deals mines, dutifully ferreting-out the gems hidden among all the stone, I’ve been assigned something far more pleasant: A budget.

You see, I’m what we in the UK call a tight arse. I love my PC and all its accoutrements, but outside of the Big Upgrade every five years or so, I only buy peripherals and accessories when they’re dirt cheap. Hey I’ve got kids! But even if I didn’t, I’d still probably be a bit of a miser.

Thus I, Meany McMeanface, am going to take you past the overwhelmingly numerous number of Black Friday PC gaming deals (opens in new tab), and focus on one thing. If I had $250 to spend this Black Friday, where would I spend it?

I have 250 dollars shopkeep, show me your finest wares

Now I have 200 dollars, and with that I shall not part

110 dollars remain!

Now I’m in a bit of a pickle. I’ve spent just under $140 on a new mouse, keyboard, headset and mic. I was wondering if there’s any chance I could squeeze a decent monitor in there and, if we push the budget up to an overall $260 (don’t tell the PCG hardware team), my eyes are gazing Scrooge-like at this as I fumble for coins.

But wait!

I decided not to go with the monitor after all. Breaking the budget is not in-keeping with my parsimonious character, and I think that, as well as quality, we want quantity. One thing I do need to buy for myself is a new pad (once again: big shout-out to my wonderful well-behaved children), and now things really fall into place:

My last 61 dollars goes to…

I’d buy that for a dollar

How about that then. A new mouse, keyboard, headset, mic, an amazing gaming pad and an overall PC performance boost with the NVMe drive: not bad for $250 and, in fact, we even came in under budget at a princely $248.95.

I suppose this is what I personally enjoy about Black Friday. Some PC gamers like to coo over the shiny high-end stuff, but I’m the kind of dumpster diver alternative, looking to get as much for as little as possible. What can I say, they chose the right man for the job.

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