The best Android TV streaming device is only $125 this Black Friday and it’s the PC’s best bud

While buying a new OLED or other smart TV might seem like a good move, why not consider a cheaper alternative and invest in the Nvidia Shield? PC Gamer’s hardware human, Dave James, gave the Nvidia Shield (opens in new tab) the big old Dave thumbs-up of approval (👍 -Ed) earlier in the year, so here I am recommending it again since it’s on sale for $124.99 this Black Friday (opens in new tab).  

The Nvidia Shield is a powerful little bit of kit, doubling as a streaming device and a PC-to-TV gaming machine—it’s also the best way to enjoy GeForce Now at 4K HDR. If you want to use it solely for streaming, then it’s at the cutting-edge for high-fidelity, high-resolution streaming from Netflix, Amazon Prime, Plex server or wherever else. You can even use it with a projector if you like watching stuff on your walls. Imagine playing Darktide via the Nvidia Shield and it’s projected big-o-vision, that’s the good stuff right there. 

It still gets regular updates so don’t worry about quality-of-life support—it’s still very much alive and kicking. For $125, you’ll have a tough time finding a better streaming device, and it doesn’t often go on sale, so now’s the time to grab it.

There’s even a rad little remote that comes with it, which was recently upgraded to make it sturdier against its natural predators, toddlers and dogs. What more do you need from a portable streaming device?

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