The PC Gamer 2022 Holiday Gift Guide


We all know that the holiday season is a contest: The one that gives the best gift wins. We are at your side, friend, lonesome traveler. Do not go unarmed into this bitter season of combat, this thunderdome of generosity. In the words spoken often, with immortal wisdom: It’s dangerous to go alone.

So, take this, the 2022 PC Gamer Holiday Gift Guide! We’ve compiled some favorites of gaming merch, alongside price ranges of $25 or less, $50ish, and $100 or more, and we’re rounding it off with some of our favorite comics, tabletop games, and gaming music released this year (we spend the whole year recommending you the best PC games, after all). 

 If you’re curious what we recommended last year, our 2021, 2020, and 2019 guides still have some good stuff in them. Without further ado, the gifts! 

The best gifts for gamers

Our absolute favourite gifts for gamers

Gifts for gamers under $25

gifts under 25

Gifts for gamers under $25

Gifts for gamers at around $50

gifts under 50

Gifts for PC gamers around $50

Legendary gifts for gamers over $100

Legendary gifts for gamers at $100 or more

Tabletop games

Tabletop games

Comics for your PC Gamers


If you can’t turn up some of these online, go hunting for your local comic shop. You can use sites like comicshoplocator (opens in new tab), findacomicshop (opens in new tab), or Free Comic Book Day’s locator (opens in new tab).

Game music gifts

 Finally, let’s close out with a selection of the best in this year’s videogame vinyl records, shall we? 

Musical gifts

You’re… you’re still here? That’s enough. There’s no more gifts. It’s over.

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