Surprise! Steam’s Chinese New Year 2023 sale is live

Valve announced in September 2022 that it was dropping the Lunar New Year sale (opens in new tab) and adding a big new Spring Sale in its place, giving it one major sale for each of the four seasons. But it’s not leaving gamers hanging completely in the January doldrums: The Lunar New Year Sale is gone, but the Chinese New Year Sale (opens in new tab) is now underway.

The Chinese New Year Sale focuses, as you’d expect, on game developers and publishers in China. It’s a smaller scale event than the previous Lunar New Year sales, but there’s still a lot of good stuff to look through. A few thoughts to get the ball rolling:

Demos for a number of the games in the sale, including Sword and Fairy 7, FIST, and Ballads of Hongye, are also available, so you can get a feel for what they’re all about before you commit any money.

The Steam Chinese New Year Sale page also very conveniently includes links to separate, publisher-specific sales: The Xbox Game Studios Lunar Sale (opens in new tab), the Bandai Namco Entertainment Lunar New Year Sale (opens in new tab), the Sega Lunar Sale (opens in new tab), the 505 Games Lunar New Year Sale (opens in new tab), and the more indie-focused Curve Digital East Meets West Game Fest (opens in new tab).

For the full rundown of upcoming Steam sales (the ones we know about, anyway), drop into our running list of Steam sale dates (opens in new tab)

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