A surprise sequel to my favorite co-op game just launched and you have a month to claim it for free

If you have a designated co-op buddy, you need to be playing the We Here Here series. I’ve been calling them some of the best co-op games for years and it continues to be true, especially today as the developer Total Mayhem Games has stealth launched another game in the series—for free, if you claim it by October 13.

Just like the rest of the series, We Were Here Expeditions: The FriendShip is an asymmetrical co-op game which challenges you and a friend to work together but separately, solving puzzles by trading info via walkie-talkie as you dissect different challenges. They’re fantastically fun and in the end the puzzle is you. 

(Image credit: Total Mayhem Games)

Rather than the usual castle escape setting, this one is set on a deserted island with an abandoned theme park. Which sounds like the perfect setting for an appearance from the horrible, creepy jester that the series has tortured me with in every game so far. 

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