An angelic $1,300 RTX 3070 gaming PC shines in the dark as the Cyber Monday lights fade

Behold, the Skytech Archangel 3.0 for $1,299.99 (opens in new tab). It’s one of the sweeter deals I’ve seen over Cyber Monday, and since most of the Black Friday deals have shot back up in price this is currently one of the best (and only) RTX 3070 gaming PC deals we have.

While we’ve not yet had the pleasure of testing a Skytech PC ourselves, this PC builder has been consistently hitting home-runs when it comes to Cyber Monday gaming PC deals (opens in new tab). Not a single one has been underspecced for the price, and while this one for example does look like it could have some cooling issues—as many cases with blocked off front panels encounter—it’s a great spec either way.

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