Baldur’s Gate 3’s hottest fix yet tackles two separate make-out scenes and promises to repair Astarion’s visible disgust at kissing you

Baldur’s Gate 3’s 11th hotfix is here, bringing with it a neat little list of tweaks and remedies to Larian’s incredible RPG. But frankly, who cares? Because the real meat here is the fact that romancing Gale no longer entails canoodling in an inky black and infinite void and—praise be—you’ll soon be able to kiss number one boy Astarion properly too.

“Have you ever had a romance so intense, that everything melts away?” writes Larian in the patch notes, “Well, sometimes that isn’t intentional. We’ve fixed an issue where Gale’s romance scene was playing in what looked like some kind of black void. Consider the ambience restored.” So, good news for wizard-fanciers. Alas, the Astarion kiss bug we spoke about earlier this month still persists, but Larian says it’s working on it.

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