Bioware celebrates Dragon Age Day with a new Dreadwolf teaser

Bioware is celebrating this year’s Dragon Age Day (opens in new tab) by highlighting works from the community and giving yet another tantalizing look at the long-awaited Dragon Age: Dreadwolf. The developer and fans are also supporting a good cause, the Trans Empowerment Project (opens in new tab) via Tiltify (opens in new tab). The fan-organized Unofficial DA Day Team (opens in new tab) has a preliminary goal of $15,000 in donations, and in previous years supported Child’s Play, the Legal Defense Fund, and AbleGamers.

First thing’s first, the new Dreadwolf cinematic (opens in new tab). It’s pretty light: a 2D motion graphic-style cutscene narrated by all-timer Bioware companion, Varric Tethras. It reminds me of the chapter cutscenes from Dragon Age 2, and definitely seems like something from close to the beginning of the game. It’s pretty much just Varric reminding us of Solas’ whole deal⁠—the chrome dome Inquisition companion was secretly a primeval trickster god the whole time, and now he wants to do something nefarious and metaphysical to the realm of dreams.

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