Bungie is bringing Marathon back as an extraction shooter

Bungie is best known as the studio behind Halo and Destiny, but before it did any of that, it made Marathon, a groundbreaking FPS released in 1994 for the Apple Macintosh. During today’s PlayStation Showcawe, the studio made the surprise announcement that Marathon is coming back, but it won’t be quite the game it was 30 years ago.

“A massive ghost ship hangs in low orbit over a lost colony on Tau Ceti IV,” the Marathon website says, setting the stage for the game’s narrative backdrop. “The 30,000 souls who call this place home have disappeared without a trace. Strange signals hint at mysterious artifacts, long-dormant AI, and troves of untold riches. You are a Runner, venturing into the unknown in a fight for fame… and infamy. Who among you will write their names across the stars?”

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