Bungie is finally giving players a way to earn classic shaders and armour sets

In the lead up to Lightfall’s release (opens in new tab), Bungie appears to be supplementing its regular This Week at Bungie series with additional posts that dive deep into the expansion’s upcoming changes. Last week, we got an absolutely game-changing update on what’s happening to buildcrafting (opens in new tab)—something we further detailed in an interview with Bungie (opens in new tab). This week’s update may be less dramatic, but it’ll be no less exciting for anyone invested in the fashion side of the end game.

In a post on the game’s upcoming economy changes (opens in new tab), Bungie finally reveals the long-teased “legacy focusing” system, and how it will let players earn old weapons and armour sets that no longer drop from the game’s core activities—spending engrams earned from ranking up with their respective vendors to unlock or earn new roles on equipment that’s otherwise no longer available. It’s also announced a new section of Ada-1’s armour shop, which—as of Lightfall’s release—will stock a rotating selection of old shaders, three per week for the cost of 10,000 glimmer.

Bergusian Night, my beloved. (Image credit: Bungie)

“Finally,” players say, “We can earn Bergusian Night.”

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