Call of Duty continues aggressive Fortnite-ification with new skins from Diablo, Spawn, and He-Man

In the same way that YouTube and Instagram are pushing vertical short-form video to try and keep up with Tiktok, it seems Call of Duty wants to emulate Fortnite as a game where you can be Goku doing the Griddy. CoD will be introducing skins straight out of Diablo 4 and other out-there fictional universes in its upcoming Halloween-themed season.

At least they kinda fit that vibe. Highlights of the wacky wave include Lady Diablo Lilith, a faceless angel guy named Inarius (not to be confused with the faceless angel guy named Tyrael I guess), Ash Williams from the Evil Dead, Skeletor (?), and Todd McFarlane’s Spawn, once again voiced by the inimitable Keith David.

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