CliffyB might not be done with making games after all, says ‘my LA lawyer’ is on the case for a LawBreakers revival

Clifford Bleszinski occupies an odd space in the games industry at the moment. The artist formerly known as Cliffy B is a big-budget director of substantial talent who’s worked on some best-in-class titles and is still relatively young, but breaking off from Epic Games and setting up on his own didn’t go quite as planned: LawBreakers was great, but didn’t sell, while Radical Heights was a hail Mary that didn’t quite come off either. Since those two misfires Bleszinski has become something of a social media soapboxer and, judging by how he’s been angling for a consultancy role on the next Gears, is looking for his way back into games.

One possible route, which Bleszinski has been touting for a while now, is a revival of LawBreakers. He’s also sending rather mixed messages about it,  saying only last month that Korean giant Nexon owns the rights and he’s “kinda over the whole making games thing” anyway. But wait!

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