Crusader Kings 3 makes it easier to abandon your unwanted bastard children

Crusader Kings 3 (opens in new tab)‘s latest update is a doozy, a fat list of upgrades, fixes, and AI tweaks that diversify the medieval goings-on significantly. The 1.8 “Robe” update is free to everyone who owns the game, and spices up the system around reforming religions with some new visuals, then adds a bunch of new symbols for custom faiths.

As always, however, just reading Crusader Kings patch notes (opens in new tab) is hysterical. “Disinheriting is now free for children with a disputed heritage or known bastard,” says the top-billing note under Game Balance. Because of course it should be, I guess. “Literalism is legal for all faiths to adopt,” says another. Good to know.

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