DDR5-7600 XMP memory is coming to Intel’s 13th Gen platform

It seems like just about every other day we get word of ever higher DDR5 memory speeds. Less than two weeks back I wrote about G.Skill’s upcoming Trident Z5 DDR5-6800 CL32 memory (opens in new tab). Impressive though that kit may be, it’s looking like it’s just a tease for what Intel’s 13th Gen CPUs will ultimately be capable of.

Intel has expanded its list of XMP 3.0 supporting memory kits (opens in new tab) (via Benchlife (opens in new tab)). The latest kits go all the way up to 7600MHz. Yep, DDR5-7600. The kit in question is made by G.Skill, and validated on Asus’ upcoming Maximus Z790 Apex motherboard. There’s also a 7466MHz kit, also made by G.Skill but this time its been validated on the more worldly Z790 Hero as well as the Apex.

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