Destiny 2 is going to delete one of its main currencies because players used exploits to stockpile too much

“We’re rich!” Or at least we were until Bungie pulled the rug. (Image credit: Bungie)

There must be an almost erotic thrill to eliminating an entire currency at the click of a button. That’s what is going to happen in Destiny 2 at the end of November when Season 23 launches. Bungie today announced that it will be completely deprecating Legendary Shards, which are a material used to pay for all sorts of items in the game. Unlike previous material deprecations, the studio also said that it will not be offering anything by way of compensation. Legendary Shards are just going to be gone.

The timing is a surprise, but Bungie’s rationale is not: The Legendary Shards economy is currently in shambles. Checking my balance, I have just over 13k after many 1,000s of hours in the game. That’s enough to be able to pay for engram decoding and weapon masterworking without much worry. But in the past I have dipped as low as a couple of hundred, particularly when Trials and Iron Banner weapons were exorbitant to focus using Shards. However, one of my clan mates has somehow managed to amass a staggering 186k (largely because he’s a cheapskate who, unlike me, doesn’t masterwork every gun he owns).

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