Destiny 2’s Arc 3.0 rework is inspired by a bonkers Jason Statham movie

Following major reworks to the Void and Solar subclasses, Bungie has announced that Destiny 2’s electrifying Arc subclass will soon be getting the 3.0 treatment with a “go fast and hit stuff (opens in new tab)” overhaul that the developers hope will turn players into cranked-up Jason Stathams.

One of the main inspirations for the Arc 3.0 rework is the 2009 flick Crank 2 (opens in new tab), in which Statham’s heart is stolen and replaced by a big battery that he has to keep charged by electrocuting himself in increasingly bizarre and violent ways. It sounds stupid, and it is, but it’s also a ton of fun—a self-aware showcase of bananas-grade action that wilfully, aggressively rejects any semblance of rationality. That’s the kind of “emotional fantasy” Bungie says it’s trying to generate with Arc 3.0.

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