Diablo 4’s upcoming boosted XP and gold week is overkill in its most generous season yet, but I’ll gladly take it

Diablo 4 season 2 is already way more generous than the first season, and now Blizzard is going to boost XP and gold gains from November 20 to 27 by 35%, more than the first Mother’s Blessing event in August.

A few months ago I would’ve been thrilled to see an entire week of increased XP and gold in Diablo 4, but now it almost feels unnecessary. It’s already ridiculously fast to level a new character up to level 100 in season 2, and you don’t even have to spend all that time in a lonely dungeon. The new Blood Harvest open world events rain so much loot and XP on me that I almost wish they were a little less bountiful so my inventory can breathe.

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