Dwarf Fortress just announced its ‘cutest update ever’ and baby, it’s babies

Break out the swaddling blankets, fashion the tiny pickaxes, and roll back the child labour laws: Dwarf Fortress’ next update has been announced (opens in new tab) and it’s going to make everyone baby. The prosaically titled “Baby Update” doesn’t have a firm release date just yet, but it’ll give “every living thing” a distinct baby (and child, if applicable) sprite, from aardvarks to gorlaks. You can see a couple of the new sprites from the official Baby Update Preview (BUP) below.

Aside from being adorable, the new art should make it a bit easier to tell your various workers apart. Currently, dwarf children are depicted as adults in red shirts, making it difficult to know at a glance whether a room is filled with stout, idle workers or babbling infants. I suppose you’ll also be able to tell whether the adders and alligators in the room with them are cuddly, harmless babies or cuddly, harmless adults.

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