Dying Light 2 teases first major DLC and looks like it’s set in an arena

Dying Light 2: Stay Human has been a big success for developer Techland, shifting well over 5 million copies (opens in new tab), and the studio’s model as with the original is to support it with DLC for years to come. The first major story DLC (opens in new tab) was delayed until September, but today saw a new tease for ‘Bloody Ties’ and the promise of a full reveal at Gamescom.

There’s not much in the way of press blurb for this, but the keyword definitely appears to be ‘brutal’. Sure enough the teaser shows a rather bulky chap overcoming a zombie via repeated blunt force trauma (which we initially view through a skull’s eyehole). Not exactly sunshine and lollipops, then, but then what does one expect of a location called, ahem, Carnage Hall.

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