Dying Light studio remembers it’s working on an ‘exotic open world’ fantasy RPG a mere 7 years after announcing it

Hey, remember how Techland is working on a new fantasy RPG? No? Me neither! Probably because it was announced literally seven years ago (opens in new tab) at the same time as Dying Light 2 (opens in new tab), which got much more attention both from audiences and Techland itself. But I guess the company is ready to focus on the game it’s had in the oven for the last near-decade.

In a tweet posted yesterday, Techland gave us a few precious crumbs of info about just what the heck this RPG is going to be. I’m gonna level with you, folks, it ain’t much, but we do at least know that Techland is aiming for a “story-focused” game set in an “exotic open world,” which we got a glimpse of in a piece of art shared alongside the post.

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