Fallen Aces looks like pulp comics Dishonored in a new extended gameplay trailer

Fallen Aces is an upcoming shooter from New Blood Interactive that looks like it’s from the 1930s but clearly plays like it’s from the 1990s. That’s a good thing, for the record—or at least it is in this case. 

The new nine minutes of gameplay premiered today during Realms Deep 2023, and shows what seems to be a slice of Fallen Aces’ opening moments. Protagonist Mike wakes up in his apartment, clearly hungover, falls out of bed, eats a sandwich, and then he gets a phone call about how a lot of people want to kill him, apparently. What follows is a violent extravaganza as Mike combines stealth karate-chops to the neck with first-person brawling to fight his way out of the building and across the neighborhood to his friend’s place. There’s even a bit where he picks up a knocked out dude and throws him at another dude. I like that bit.

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