Farthest Frontier devs didn’t include churches to avoid ‘drama around real world religions’

Religious buildings are a common feature of medieval-themed city builders. Games like Banished, Anno 1404, Patron, Foundation, and others include churches, chapels, monasteries, cathedrals (and in Anno’s case, mosques), and other religious buildings which typically provide a happiness bonus or fulfill a ‘faith need’ for citizens and residences built nearby.

But you won’t find religious buildings in Farthest Frontier, the new medieval-themed early access survival city builder from Crate Software, maker of Grim Dawn. In fact, there’s no religion in the game at all. While it includes public amenities like theaters, markets, pubs, and hospitals, there are no churches or chapels to build and citizens have no faith requirements that need to be met. (There is a shrine, but more on that in a bit.)

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