Former DC Universe Online chief is heading up the creation of a brand-new Warhammer MMO

In May 2022, Chinese tech company Netease launched its first game studio in North America, Jackalope Games, headed by former Daybreak Game Company executive Jack Emmert. Nothing was said about what the studio was making, and I wondered at the time if its debut game would have any connection to the Marvel MMO Emmert was leading prior to joining Netease. As it turns out, it is an MMO, but it’s not Marvel—it’s Warhammer.

It’s no great surprise that Emmert is heading up development of a new MMO: Along with DCUO, his past credits include Champions Online, Star Trek Online, Neverwinter, City of Villains, City of Heroes, and the Marvel MMO, which was scrapped less than a year after it was announced. Emmert told PC Gamer that many of those games represented a “personal passion” for him, and he opted to partner with Games Workshop on a Warhammer MMO for that same reason.

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