Immortals of Aveum would really like you to give it another shot, so now there’s a free demo on Steam

The magic-powered FPS Immortals of Aveum didn’t really blow our doors off when we reviewed it back in August: The shooting was fun, but its characters and story left us cold. But as is the way with modern game development, multiple updates have been released since then, including a big one that dropped yesterday, and now Electronic Arts and developer Ascendant Studios is hoping that the release of a free demo will convince gamers to give it a second look.

The demo comes alongside the release of the big Echollector update, which adds new endgame content, a New Game+ mode, and a new Grand Magnus difficulty level, which as you might surmise from the name is meant to be very difficult indeed: Enemy health, defense, power, and behavior have all been “adjusted,” which I take to mean “increased,” and there will be fewer health drops in combat.

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