Make Hitman 3 a mystery game with a mod that gives you four suspects and only one right target

My favourite Hitman 3 level is Dartmoor. It might be because I’m English so I’m biased to see some home turf on the board, but actually it’s because it’s the murder mystery level of the game. I love a good murder mystery. I adore uncovering the secrets behind the motives of each person in a room before nailing the criminal in a lengthy monologue, Agatha Christie style. I thought that element of mystery worked really well with Hitman 3 and now there’s a mod which delivers even more of that sensation. 

The Minilancer (opens in new tab) mod on NexusMods combines detective work with assassination. The mod’s purpose is to provide you with four different NPCs, each one of whom could be the target you’ve been sent to kill. Diana is probably on holiday or something. Can’t get the staff these days, can you? 

This means that Agent 47 has to wander the map looking for clues that will narrow down the options so that, when you do get down to what you came here to do, you pick the right one and don’t assassinate an innocent. Which, obviously, none of us have accidentally done in Hitman anyway right? Right? 

(Image credit: Danilgu / NexusMods)

“Minilancer is a Hitman 3 plugin that randomly generates several suspects, but only one of them is the target,” writes mod creator Danilgu, “You can identify the target only with the help of four clues. All the items that you found on the levels are saved and transferred to the next levels, but be careful—the failure of the mission will lead to the loss of items.”

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