Modders are adding Into the Spider-Verse animations and costumes into Spider-Man: Miles Morales

With Marvel’s Spider-Man: Mile Morales (opens in new tab) out on PC now, modders have gotten to work on it, and in a delightful trend some are taking inspiration from 2018 Miles-centric movie Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. The depiction of Miles in that movie, as well as the beautifully stylish animation that’s the center of Spider-Verse, have served as inspiration for two especially neat mods.

The first mod, Leap of Faith, puts in Miles’ layered look from Spider-Verse into the game. While there’s already a Spider-Verse style costume, the mod costume has the hoodie, jacket, shorts, and extremely vital Air Jordans over top of it. It’s the inconic look for Miles that was featured on basically every piece of advertising for Spider-Verse. You can find the Leap of Faith Mile Morales suit on Nexusmods. (opens in new tab)

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