Nightdive reassures fans about the Atari deal: ‘Not only will we be doing as much as we ever did, but we’ll be doing more of it’

Atari surprised everyone last week with the out-of-nowhere acquisition of Nightdive Studios (opens in new tab), the developer responsible for bringing back classic ’90s shooters including Turok and Turok 2, Blood, Quake, and Powerslave, as well as the upcoming System Shock remake. 

The news wasn’t received with universal enthusiasm due to Atari’s less-than-stellar contemporary reputation, which has arisen from ventures like the underwhelming Atari VCS (opens in new tab) and baffling Atari Hotels (opens in new tab), as well as its embrace of cryptocurrency and NFTs (opens in new tab), which went over about as well as you’d expect—which is to say, not well at all.

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