Prison Architect’s final update gives the first glimpse of a 3D sequel

Developers Double Eleven have released the final update for Prison Architect, appropriately enough called the Sunset update, which doesn’t so much tease a 3D sequel as show off a bit of it. The update comes with a short trailer thanking all the game’s players for the past 11 years (it was released in Alpha by original developer Introversion in 2012), at the end of which one of the prisoner character models pops into 3D as the rest of the crowd gasps.

“It’s been a real joy and honor here at Paradox Interactive and Double Eleven to work on this game for you,” writes Double Eleven. “It’s been just over a decade since Introversion first put out an Alpha build of Prison Architect and the game has come so far since then. While we’re closing this chapter, the book is certainly not yet finished. We’ll see you around.”

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