Shroud and Sacriel are making a new survival game with Splash Damage

Twitch streamers Mike “Shroud” Grzesiek and Chris “Sacriel” Ball are partnering with Splash Damage to develop an new open-world survival-shooter that studio CEO Richard Jolly said is “truly different from anything we’ve done before.”

Details about the new project, currently known as Project Astrid, weren’t revealed in the announcement. Maybe they’ll make a survival game where people grow community crops and restore the power grid and sewage systems? Eh, probably not. Whatever it ultimately turns out to be, Splash Damage said the collaboration with Shroud and Sacriel represents “an exciting new era” for the studio. It also credited the pair as “core members” of the development team, who bring a “unique perspective” to the development process through their experience “as players, streamers, subject matter experts, and community builders and leaders.”

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