The Callisto Protocol will sell you extra death animations as DLC

Science fiction horror game The Callisto Protocol (opens in new tab) has been marketed as a spiritual successor to Dead Space, vowing (opens in new tab) to go gorier and nastier than the series it’s inspired by. We know a lot (opens in new tab) about The Callisto Protocol, but we today we learned more about its several bits of expansion content on the way post-release. 

One of those things is that the game’s DLC packs will include lots of additional gross-out death animations for both protagonist Jacob and the nasty monsters he fights. They’re sort of like skins for his armor—they actually come bundled with armor skins—and there are 25 of them in total: 13 new Jacob deaths in the Contagion Bundle, and 12 enemy deaths in the Riot Bundle. Both bundles are included with the Season Pass, which is part of the Digital Deluxe Edition, available for a mere $20 more than the standard edition. 

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