The original Tomb Raider trilogy is being remastered for real and coming to PC just in time for Valentine’s Day

Back in March 2018, Realtech VR announced that it was working on remasters of the original Tomb Raider trilogy, which would be available on Steam and free for owners of the originals. A week later, the whole thing was cancelled: It turned out that Realtech didn’t actually have permission from Square Enix to do it. It was a disappointing outcome for old-time Tomb Raider fans, but today it’s finally time to turn that frown upside-down, because an officially sanctioned remaster is on the way.

Revealed during today’s Nintendo Direct, Tomb Raider 1-3 Remastered—that’s the official title on Steam—will have the look of the original games, but will be spiffed up with “enhanced graphics” (although you can switch back to the OG look if that’s what you like) and tweaked to run on modern hardware. Along with the base games, the remastered collection will also include all of the Tomb Raider trilogy expansions: Unfinished Business for Tomb Raider, The Gold Mask for Tomb Raider 2, and The Lost Artifact for Tomb Raider 3.

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