Twisted Tower takes BioShock and turns it into a deadly game show run by a disturbed toymaker

Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory is already a rather sinister affair, but Twisted Tower, revealed at this year’s Realms Deep showcase, is determined to take that concept and dial it up a few more notches. It’s a game that looks to mash together a generous helping of BioShock’s 1920s art deco setting with Roald Dahl’s eerie novel, swapping out confectionery for toys and a disturbingly deadly game show.

Now why anybody in their right mind would want to willingly enter a place called the Twisted Tower is beyond me, but protagonist Tiny seems well up for the challenge. After being devastated by his crush getting engaged to his school bully, he’s managed to convince himself that securing a spot in toymaker Mr. Twister’s game and winning the grand $10,000,000 prize will somehow turn the romantic tides in his favour. 

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