Unity says it’s building its AI suite in a ‘transparent and responsible’ manner, after its first swing didn’t go down so well earlier this year

Unity’s found itself under fire from the public these past few months—and for decent reasons. In June, for instance, it announced that it would incorporate AI programs into its developer tools, something it didn’t really elaborate well enough on to soothe artists and developer fears alike.

Unsurprisingly, it then had to drop one of its AI partners after it was found to have just been pulling models wholescale from SketchFab, like this cat from Murdered Soul Suspect. Then there was the whole pricing fee fiasco, which is pretty much still ongoing, with revelations that it was a rushed-out decision in October amidst its CEO’s resignation. Trust in Unity has eroded, which makes any calls of ‘we’re doing the right thing here, we promise’ a hard sell.

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