Valve just made Half-Life free and put out a massive update with cut content and an hour-long ‘making of’ documentary

It’s been 25 years since the release of the original Half-Life, one of the most important videogames of all time, and to celebrate the big birthday Valve has released a major new update to the game that adds new features and support for modern displays, restores cut and lost content, implements full Steam Deck support, and a whole bunch more—and it’s giving the full game away to one and all until November 20.

Okay, fair enough: The odds are that you already own Half-Life, or maybe the Black Mesa remake, or at the very least you’ve played it at some point over the past half-century. But this is not the Half-Life of days long ago—I mean, it is, but there’s a whole lot more going on courtesy of the 25th Anniversary Update.

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