Where others failed, this mod finally adds a 3rd dimension to Doom’s enemies

Voxel Doom, a graphics mod for the original Doom that turns the game’s various sprites into full-on 3D voxel models, released its 1.0 version (opens in new tab) today. Made by a modder named Cheello (opens in new tab), the mod affects everything from the game’s legioned demons to its ammo pick-ups, adding a sense of depth and—get this—letting you view its once-obstinately flat 2D sprites from different angles. Angles!

We’ve been keeping our eye on Voxel Doom (opens in new tab) here at PCG for a while now, but the Doom modding community has been talking about the idea for even longer. The problem was about both artistic capability and technical capacity: any project that was going to try replacing Doom’s sprites would need to walk a tightrope over the uncanny valley, making sure that the models it created weren’t incongruous with Doom’s much-beloved art style. 

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