WoW’s telegraphs are so cluttered that even the best guild in the world is using darkening potions during raids so they can fight more effectively

 World of Warcraft: Dragonflight has its fans and detractors, but on one point a huge number of players agree: the game’s telegraphs, the visual and audio cues that show what a given character is about to do, have become harder than ever to see. Some abilities have similar colours to the environment, while with others the hitbox behind the visual pizazz isn’t clear at all. Conveniently enough, however, Dragonflight arrived with a new kind of consumable that the world’s best players are using to see through the fog.

The following clip is from Team Liquid’s recent attempt at a world first Raid clear, during which one of the team pops an Inky Black Potion as they fight a boss: an item that “darkens the world around you” for two hours. Team Liquid is using this to make it easier to see the abilities being used during the raid.

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