You can get the most underrated hidden gem of 2022 for just 6 bucks on Steam right now

I was absolutely enchanted by last year’s DreamWild (opens in new tab), a fast-paced, horde mode roguelike with one of my favorite art styles of any game in recent memory: A surreal, vibrant render revival that combines throwback 3D graphics with sprite-ized models and pre-rendered backdrops like a classic RPG. And right now it’s the cost of a fancy cup of coffee or a sandwich of indeterminate quality!

Every aspect of this game has grown on me more since I first played and loved it (opens in new tab). I was initially only lukewarm on its shooting, but I find that its emphasis on bunnyhopping to build speed and zoom across surreal moonscapes has really worn a groove in my brain. Herding the DreamWilds’ inhabitants and leading them like a sword beam-flinging Pied Piper has this almost meditative quality to it.

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