The Leogaming cyber team wins the European tournament two successive times while the CS:GO LeoGaming Cup has just began in Poland

The CS:GO Leogaming eSports team from Ukraine managed to get two consecutive victories during the European SCL League tournament with a prize pool of €11,000. Whitin the competitions, Ukrainian cyber athletes compete in the SCL CHALLENGER Division, which is the highest tier available.

On January 17, guys from the Leogaming team managed to beat the VelezMostar team from Bosnia and Herzegovina with a score of 7:16. Already on January 19, they defeated the Fourteen Esports Portuguese team with a score of 8:16. The Ukrainian cyber team became victorious on the ‘de_vertigo’ map.

Interestingly, the Leogaming team ranks 4th out of 48 teams in the SCL CHALLENGER Division ranking table.

Below you can find information about the prizes of the SCL Challenger EU Season 8:

1st place – €3,000

2nd place – €1,500

3rd and 4th places – €250 (each)

Earlier, the Leogaming eSports team managed to show its real character and defeated the top team of Europe in the Forward Cup tournament with a prize fund of $50,000.

In addition, another major CS:GO Leogaming Cup tournament started in Poland on January 21. It offers a prize pool of 10,000 zloty. The competitions on the Faceit platform were organized by the LeoGaming eSports organization from Ukraine.

It is worth noting that the Leogaming Cup will be held in two stages in the online mode. The entire event will end with the grand LAN final at the FPS Center in Warsaw, Poland. During the initial group stage, the top 10 teams from Poland will play against each other. Only the two most productive teams will have the opportunity to compete for victory and prizes in the final stage. The final match will start on February 26, 2023.

All Leogaming Cup matches will be broadcast live on the Leogaming channel on Twitch.

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