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For someone who started out as an MCom LLB, no one expected Dr Ravi Rao to become an International Astro-Vaastu exponent, renowned for his ability to ‘turnaround’ individual and company fortunes. But decades since he started his hobby to pay through his undergraduate in Delhi, Dr Rao has emerged as a beacon of hope for thousands across the world. An award-winning Astrologer and Vaastu expert, he is a founding member of ‘Astro-Vaastu Research Center’; has a global firm – www.ravirao.com; and is a published Author.

Expectedly, he credits it all to God’s destiny. “My interest in astrology and vaastu came about due to my family background and was stimulated by my Guruji. While studying in Delhi, I used to make predictions using a combination of astrology and vaastu. Recognizing the accuracy of my predictions, people started approaching me to achieve success in business ventures, resolve financial crises, and solve legal cases.”

When Dr. Rao returned to his hometown of Hyderabad, his Delhi clients made considerable effort to trace his number and request him to come back. He returned to Delhi and then travelled to Singapore and other countries on assignments. This provided him wide exposure to the different practices in the world and helped him fine-tune his methods.

However, he didn’t think of it as a profession until he worked on a large project in Chennai and the client begged him to consider taking it up full-time, which he did. He soon came to be known as a ‘turnaround’ specialist and large industrialists began approaching him. He went on another world tour and travelled across US, giving lectures at clubs and community gatherings. All along, he kept mastering the craft and studying any branch of astrology he came across anywhere in the world.

Finally deciding to settle in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Dr. Rao never had a plan, strategy, or goals for the year. It was his curiosity for new methods that kept expanding his horizon. “For example, the principles of hora shastra in one particular book helped me make the first election prediction – the number of seats Mr. Modi and the party would win in the Gujarat elections. These principles help me advise people on how to get out of trouble and the exact date on which an event would occur.”

With the strength of transparency, clarity, and commitment, Dr. Rao can put a client at ease in minutes. Being digital savvy and in-step with the latest technology allows him to give them predictions at great speed. “I was one of the earliest to leverage digital horoscopes and my scientific approach makes people comfortable. I offer them ridiculously simple solutions to implement, and walk them through the process. I have not lost a client in three decades.”

Dr. Rao mentions three things he would like to do simultaneously:

  • Offer in-person consulting.
  • Offer advice and solutions remotely.
  • Offer solutions free of cost on his portal.

He has also created the Check Vaastu app; offered niche predictions on NASDAQ-BSE; and been quoted in publications throughout the world. To know more about Ravi, check https://whoswho.world/ or to nominate email, [email protected]

More importantly, he has shared his knowledge in the form of three books:

Some of his global honours include:

  • Best Vastu Consultation Centre in India, by IEA Thailand.
  • International Excellence Award, Malaysia.
  • Ph.D. from Yoga Samskrutham University, USA.
  • Participation in Collaborative Leadership: Building the Organization of the Future, at Harvard University.
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